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Soul Activities


The following list of activities are not executed under this collective. It is a list of activities in which the individuals of the collective are involved and are in compliance with the mission of this collective.

This list does not include all activities, but showcases our experience and our connections in webs of interbeings. 

Websites and social media groups, as administrators and/or writers: 


Forest bathing (Flemish) 


Wood wide web stories (English) 


NatureMinded (English)


Health Gardens in Brussels (English)


Medicinal Plants in Belgium (English) 

Websites, as facilitators, collaborators and/or supporting roles 


Wood Wide Web Belgium (English) 


Healing Forest blog(English)

Robur op Den Eik vzw (Dutch & English) 


Artistic projects, as artist

Online short story, blending ecofeminist ideas and solarpunk elements, situated in Daegu, South-Korea, submitted after a call for local science fiction (which is not in a ‘traditional place’): 


Participation as artist in The Nature Of Cities Festival

With short story ‘a Pine Tree in the Campine’ 

(URL not known yet)


A circular fiction story, co-funded by the Flemish Ministry of Environment (in Dutch): 

Artistic projects, as co-creator

Common Dreams School in order to explore, imagine, create alternatives to face climate changes and societal transformation with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (Portugal/Belgium) 


Walking from Scores with Elena Biserna (Italy/FRance, residence at Q-O2 in Brussels) to explore walking as collective creative practice to transform landscapes into  inclusive public spaces (it also covers nature environments) 

Connection Design 101 with The Magic Department (Helsinki, Finland) to learn together about methods to experience deep human connections that can extend beyond human 


Re-imagine leadership (Malmo, Sweden), cocreating methods supported by art for self-managing organisations 

How to support communities grow and drive change?

From Inner Leadership to Co-creation


Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities

Cocreating methods supported by art for Participatory and Diverse virtual spaces. 


Live Events, as incubator and/or organiser


International Forest Therapy days (English) 


The Nature of Cities festival (TNOC festival)

Self-care within nature during covid-19 pandemic: transformation and cultivation of nature experience 


InVIVO Planetary Health

Therapeutic landscapes in Brussels city for human health promotion and disease prevention


Photo 1: "Where is home?"

A web of interbeing for the period September 2019-March 2020 (training as forest therapy guide)

by Wendy Wuyts


Photo 2: Tea ceremony at the end of a short forest bath, February 2021

one cup for Asya

one for Quentin

one for Nathan

one for the guide

one for the forest 

2e cirkel.jpg

Photo 3: A Virtual circle in the forest

Concept by Wendy & Priscille

Read more about the idea behind this in 'tools and methods'

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